The 8 Best 'Twilight' Parodies Ever Created by Mankind - MTV Taylor Swift in 'Firelight' "SNL's" Digital Shorts are great at taking a simple concept and hammering it … Twilightlan II (2005) | The Parody Wiki | Fandom Charlie BrownRockz's movie-spoof of Disney's 2005 Sequel Film "Mulan ll" Cast Fa Mulan - Human Twilight Sparkle (Equestria Girls), Captain Li Shang - Charlie Brown (Peanuts), Mushu the Dragon - Diego the Tiger (Ice Age Series), Cri-Kee - Kirby (Kirby Series), Little Brother - Spike (Equestria Girls), Khan - Snoopy (Peanuts), Yao - Ask Ketchum (Pokémon Series), Ling - Lincoln "Linc" Loud (The

The first class with the cool men is very funny but also

Twistlight (A Parody of Twilight Eclipse) for iPhone/iPad

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012) - IMDb

All Twilight Movies - IMDb Edward leaves Bella after an attack that nearly claimed her life, and, in her depression, she falls into yet another difficult relationship - this time with her close friend, Jacob Black.