The mesh system is what is created by Sky Q gear, which provides both the Q minis and your devices an extended WiFi connection. If the mesh system isnt healthy then you'd experience drop outs or loss of connection and you'd need a Q engineer to come and check it.

Changes to Sky Broadband services during Covid-19 We're working hard to keep you connected to what matters most, but the continuing Covid-19 pandemic means we’re having to change the way we work. Our priority for our front line staff is to keep them safe; this means we will be operating with fewer resources than usual. For the last 12 days my Sky broadband connection has been dropping off and then back on with gaps of mostly of between 1 to 10 minutes but first thing in the morning (6am ish) it mostly stays connected for 20 to 30 minutes. Aug 13, 2014 · My Sky broadband connection kept dropping on Saturday. I followed their on screen routine checking connections and let their system try to connect from their end. The connection kept dropping into Sunday when I pressed the rest button on the box. That got the connection back until this morning when it again intermittently dropped. May 15, 2020 · 2. The 2 Sky Q mini-boxes with Devolo 1200+ Powerline Adapters have worked perfectly. The WiFi function in the mini-boxes disabled. 3. The single mini-box with WiFi enabled is also working perfectly (whereas, it also used to drop-out when all 3 minis were on WiFi before) The internet connection from the Sky Broadband Hub router remains fast as

May 01, 2020

After weeks of my broadband dropping out at least 20 times a day. I changed the router from the 12v version of the sky q router to the 240v version. This stabilised it be I still experienced drop out… Sky broadband hub keeps dropping out - Sky Community

router dropping out constantly of which this is the second router I have had, I never had a problem when I had a BT router. i have 2 open reach engineers out this month alone. But still have the same issues. Engineer said the only way I would get guaranteed speed would be if I was put on 80/20 download /upload

Sky's best advice ever!!! + help needed (Wireless issue My wireless connection is dropping intermittently since i rejoined Sky way back in April. Their black router was useless so I went back to my old white netgear one. Since then, I get moments of 'limited connectivity' which is annoying me now. so I rang Sky Tech Support. Keeps Dropping (Sky) - think broadband