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Excessive requests for dns.msftncsi.com - Help - Pi-hole Nov 12, 2016 www.msftncsi.com Microsoft NCSI Microsoft NCSI What do Microsoft and NCSI have in common? - TechRepublic "NCSI sends a DNS lookup request for dns.msftncsi.com. This address should resolve to If the address does not match, then it is assumed … Name resolution for the name dns.msftncsi.com timed out

Is Dns.msftncsi.com Down? - Is It Down Or Just Me?

How to use Group Policy to remove the Network Connectivity

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why is my router looking up "dns.msftncsi.com You will see that "dns.msftncsi.com" is listed there. Blank out "Resolve Hostname" and "Resolved IP Addresses". Click "Apply". After your changes have been applied, you can disable "DNS Query" and click "Apply" again. View entire discussion ( 4 comments) More posts from the pihole community. 443. Why is my internet accessible, but still shows 'limited Here's good Technet post on Network Location Awareness service that is used by Windows to control a lot of things, and that icon too - The Network Connection Status Icon > The Active Probe Process Every time a network configuration event occurs (m Event ID 1014 DNS Client Events Apr 06, 2013