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NFL Blackout - Time to take a stand #blackout - YouTube Aug 17, 2017 Beat NFL Game Pass blackouts with this workaround Jan 11, 2019 How to Bypass NFL Game Pass Blackout Restrictions in 2019 First, from 1973 through 2014, NFL enforced a blackout policy for marketing reasons. The policy states that any home game will not be shown on television if the ticket sales did not reach 85% within 72 hours prior to the game. The NFL mostly wanted to make sure people from certain regions visit the game, which can be a bit expensive. That’s NFL Blackout Rule And The Economy - The Game Room

Bypass Blackout Restrictions for Sports Streaming

How NFL Fans Can Beat TV Blackouts | Sep 26, 2014

May 29, 2020

How NFL Fans Can Beat TV Blackouts | Sep 26, 2014 NFL Sunday Ticket: Why are blackouts still allowed? : nfl I'm trying to watch the Chargers vs. Ravens game, but it is blacked out locally. I live in Orange County, so I can't watch it. However, I pay for NFL Sunday Ticket. Why is it still blacked out to me? If I am paying for the right to watch "every game, every sunday", as they advertise it, why the hell does a blackout … Surge in ticket sales helps Vikings avoid local TV blackout