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The Proxy auto-config file format was originally designed by Netscape in 1996 for the Netscape Navigator 2.0 and is a text file that defines at least one JavaScript function, FindProxyForURL (url, host), with two arguments: url is the URL of the object host is the host-name derived from that URL.

Jul 26, 2017 3 Ways to Use a Proxy - wikiHow May 04, 2019

pac_script In pac_script mode the proxy configuration is determined by a PAC script that is either retrieved from the URL specified in the proxy.PacScript object or taken literally from the data element specified in the proxy.PacScript object. Besides this

Sin anonimato: el servidor remoto conoce su IP y sabe que está utilizando un proxy. Bajo anonimato: el servidor remoto no conoce su IP, pero sabe que está utilizando un proxy. Anonimato promedio: el servidor remoto sabe que está utilizando un proxy y cree que conoce su IP, pero no es la suya Best Free Web Proxy Sites - Proxy Site List Popularity is an index showing how users like the web proxy site. It is the bigger the better. We only list popular and working web proxy sites here and check them from time to time. Note: Click on the heading text to expand or collapse questions. windows - How to switch proxy settings via script Look into proxy auto-config scripts. You can script changes to the Windows registry to select a different proxy server, but you'll really like proxy auto-config scripts and how they work on your client computers. python proxy list check - Stack Overflow this is script source of what i have. finally check finished proxy list are saved to 'proxy_alive.txt' in this file i want to mark whether proxy element alive or not. import socket import urllib2 import threading import sys import Queue import socket socket.setdefaulttimeout(7) print "Bobng's proxy checker.