3. Clear Safari Cache on an iPad. Some applications like Safari allow you to clear cache in the app’s settings without deleting the software. Here is how to clear the Safari cache on an iPad: go to Settings → Safari → Clear History and Website Data → Clear. You have to do one more step to remove Safari cache …

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May 25, 2015

step by step guide on how to Clear Cache on iPhone and iPad without any itch with neccessary tools included. Clearing your cache | Crisp Digital

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Jan 02, 2012 How To Clear Cache On iPhone & iPad: Easy Speed Boost How to clear the cache on an iPhone or iPad Deleting the cache in Safari is simple. Open Settings, and scroll down to the fifth group of options (starting with Passwords & Accounts). How to Manage Browsing History on Safari for iPad Jul 20, 2020 How to clear the cache on a Safari browser to make it run You have two choices to clear your cache on Safari's mobile app. To clear your entire browsing history and cache: 1. Open the Settings app.