Verizon's confirming reports from earlier this week that those who buy the new Motorola Droid this Friday will eventually have the ability to tether the phone and use it as a netbook and laptop

Jul 31, 2012 Can I connect by tethered USB with Jetpack 6620l? - Verizon Probably a question better suited for the Verizon Wireless forums at https: if you connect them up to a computer with a USB Cable, will ask you if you want to Charge, or Tether. Just select the Tether option. Most Jetpacks leave the Wi-Fi section enabled when tethering unless the battery is low. View solution in original post. Helped me too Verizon: Droid Tethering Will Cost $30 Extra - Was that

Verizon Wireless will make a $1.25m voluntary payment to the US Treasury to settle the case and adjust its conditions of its usage-based data pricing plans to drop the tethering fee. “Today’s action demonstrates that compliance with FCC obligations is not optional,” said …

Aug 01, 2012 Learn About Plans for Hotspot and Tethering - Wireless Support

FCC Pushes Verizon to Allow Tethering at No Extra Charge

Apr 17, 2020 FCC Pushes Verizon to Allow Tethering at No Extra Charge Prior to this action, Verizon had required its customers to pay $20 a month for official tethering functionality on top of their data plan charges. The FCC was investigating whether the carrier was in compliance with the "C Block rules" pertaining to its acquired license for C Block spectrum. Verizon Grandfathered/Legacy Unlimited Data Plans (gUDP