If you have a device operating on up to iOS 6, go to App Store> Updates> Purchased. You will notice that the hidden app doesn't exist. For individuals with ios 7 you will realize that the hidden app still exists on the purchase history. Therefore, go to Settings> iTunes & App Store. Tap on your Apple ID then sign out of it.

Delete Apps from iCloud Including Purchased Apps Purchased apps do not limit your iCloud storage space when you backup file. They are not part of iCloud or iTunes backup because they reside on the store's servers and are accessible for download from the servers. Therefore, you can only hide the app purchase history. However, you can delete some of the app data which are stored in iCloud. Clear Application History in Task Manager in Windows 10 Video: Clear Application History in Task Manager in Windows 10 If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below. How to Delete Downloads on iPhone Permanently? Useful Ways

How To Clear App Store History – Here's How It Works!

Apr 23, 2016 · I Show you how to delete or hide the history of your purchases on the App Store ***Time Codes*** Intro 00:00 Get to the point 00:55 How to Delete using iTunes 2:30 Conclusion 3:49 Outro 4:10 Intro Oct 31, 2019 · Clear Data will help you reach the device App Info screen for any application as fast as possible, with 1 tap from anywhere. Using the App Info you can: * Clear data easily - delete any app persistent data and save a lot of space on your device, use it to clear browsing history, or databases stored by apps on your devices Well, to be honest the download / install "history" is essentially a log, why would you want to tamper with such a log :P. Unless you have been downloading things you shouldn't have . Actually, I just hate digital clutter. Sep 14, 2018 · It makes sense to clear Safari visit history. Open the app on your iPhone and click the second-last icon that looks like an open book. Select the last tab with the clock icon which is the History tab. At the bottom, you will see the Clear option. Click and select All time to clear all browsing history from Safari.

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