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The last decade underlines a trajectory from lackluster string of found footage small studio pieces to higher grossing possession films to art-house surfacing gems. This year, horror is set to have its best year, led by commercial successful horror films like psychological thriller Split ($277 millions on a $9 million budget) and the art house Biggest Movie Flops of the Last Decade | Work + Money The 45 Biggest Movie Flops of the Last Decade. About 100 movies from big studios are released in theaters each year. That means around 1,000 Hollywood productions hit the theaters in the last decade. That’s a lot of movies vying for people’s limited time — and the stakes have never been higher. 15 Best Hindi Movies From The Last Decade | Must Watch In the last decade, the Hindi film industry saw some path-breaking movies, commercial entertainers that we could do well without, and some novel concepts that got lost in shoddy filmmaking. These Are the 37 Best Movies of the Decade

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