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Mere conduit. Where the service of a business consists of either a transmission in a communication network of information which has been provided by a recipient of the service (e.g. an ISP transmitting a customer's email) or where the service consists of the provision to access to a particular communication network (basically, a telco or ISP Dominion and Control Over Funds Defeats Mere Conduit Nov 01, 2011 Attorneys Beware! Good Faith Required for “Mere Conduit Central to the “mere conduit” or control exception is the recipient’s good faith: [G]ood faith is a requirement under this Circuit’s mere conduit or control test. Accordingly, initial recipients of the debtor’s fraudulently-transferred funds who seek to take advantage of equitable exceptions to § 550(a)(1) Focus on Fraud 11th Circuit Supplants the Mere Conduit

PERG 8.12 Exemptions applying to all controlled activities

2077-Can a CSP be considered to be a “conduit” like the

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Conduits legal definition of Conduits conduit something which leads something else along. In the law of European E-COMMERCE, a person who is given special immunity, sometimes expressed as a ‘mere’ conduit importing a lack of involvement in the carrying.Most likely it will apply to an Internet service provider. Where an information society service is provided which consists of the transmission in a communication network of ma grand mére elle conduit comme ca - YouTube May 18, 2008