How to convert a AS400 spool file (report) to a formatted

ibm midrange - How to set printing tray / drawer in as400 I am trying to print a spool file from the IBM AS400 / System I. Creating a spool file and printing works fine. However changing the Source drawer does not seem to any any effect. Printer has 5 trays set up. Tried all numbers from 1 to 5. There's a DTM software to print DTM documents, it has the ability to choose which tray to go after. IBM AS/400 Printing V Printing V Alain Badan Simon Hodkin Jacques Hofstetter Gerhard Kutschera Bill Shaffer Whit Smith A primer on AS/400 printing in today’s networked environment Configuration, performance, problem determination, enhancements In-depth education on AFP and ASCII printing. How to convert a AS400 spool file (report) to a formatted We have a requirement, where in the AS400 spool file (report) needs to be converted to a formatted excel sheet and mailed to the respective people. Details: 1. We have designed the layout of the report using an externally described printer file ==> We have developed a RPG program for this 2. Print barcode labels & Laser prints( PCL4, PCL5) natively

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Brooksnet | Professional Print Server Software for Windows Brooks products include a virtual print server which produces PDF, prints to Windows printers, archives to disk and emails print jobs. Our print client sends Windows print jobs to multiple IP printers. Our IPDS printing software creates searchable PDFs. Remote printing from AS400 server - Networking - Spiceworks

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The AS400 has *lan connection with Device Type 3812, Model 1, *IP, Remote location is the IP of the printer. The MFG type and model is HP6 (the closest IBM has to HP4000 drivers) and for System driver program its *HPPJLDRV. AS/400 Raw TCP/IP Printing to Port 9100 experienced with printing in an AS/400 environment. The AS/400 must run V4R5 of OS/400® so that the SNMP drivers are present (or V4R3/V4R4 with the most current PTFs installed). Only a Document Centre (DC) 4xx or later or a WorkCentre Pro can perform this type of printing. Configure DC2xx and DC3xx printers using a remote outq. How to convert AS400 Spool file to PDF using - YouTube Jul 21, 2017 Common AS/400 commands -