Jul 12, 2008

Increase PC Speed And Computer Tips! Nov 12, 2008 Speed Up Your Torrent Downloading With Vuze's Swarm Merging If you wish to get the most of the Torrenting and are looking for some download speed improvements. Vuze, one of the most recognized BitTorrent brands, is trying out something different. [Geek}* How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed Jun 20, 2014

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Slow Download & Upload Speed on Windows 10 - Fix Aug 18, 2015

Sep 08, 2019

Torrent – Optimizing Vuze (formerly Azureus) for Speed Nov 12, 2011 VUZE UPLOAD SPEED HELP (why my torrents download faster) — … -run a speed test while connected to pia. take note of the upload speed. -go to http://wiki.vuze.com/w/good_settings (this page will be the vuze upload chart.)-time to get your fingers dirty _____ 1. launch vuze 2. go to options>transfer 3. enter kb/s global max upload speed. 4. kb/s global max download speed is 0. (you want unlimited download speed.) 5. Download Vuze Turbo Booster 5.2.0 - softpedia A straightforward application that aims to speed up the download of your Vuze client by finding download sources that have more seeds and peers Vuze Turbo Booster is an application that promises