There is no centralized server storing the shared information on a P2P network, rather, each computer serves as both a client and a server. Is this raising any security “red flags” for you yet? We hope so. Peer-to-peer networks can be very dangerous from a security perspective.

SANS Institute Information Security Reading Room -to -Peer File -Sharing Networks: Security Risks -to -peer (P2P) file -sharing networks, which have appeared in f these networks is s computers, networks, and information, are exam ined. The status of P2P networks in business is di scussed. A summ ary of the curre nt state -to -Peer (P2P) file -sharing networks have become w ildly popular. The P2P risks behind House's Spotify ban -- GCN The P2P risks behind House's Spotify ban. People love or hate peer-to-peer networking for many of same reasons: If offloads bandwidth demands from content providers to end users; it can provide a convenient way to copy and share copyrighted material, with or without permission; and it effectively turns your computer into someone else’s server. P2P Lending: Risks and Business Models | Corporate Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending is a relatively recent financial innovation that has taken the lending market by storm and fueled financial inclusion. Tata Consultancy Services’ Sasidharan Chandran discusses P2P business models, associated risks and implications of the crowdfunding industry on … Peer-to-Peer Payment Privacy and Security - Consumer Reports

Based on a new Consumer Reports study of the five of the most popular peer-to-peer payment services, we describe three important security and privacy concerns—and say what P2P providers and

May 19, 2010

Securing your peer-to-peer networks

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing - Federal Trade Commission Security risks P2P file sharing programs allow computers to download files and make them available to other users on the network. P2P users can designate the drives and folders from which files can be shared. In turn, other users can download and view any files stored in these designated areas. Risks of P2P and Cloud Storage | Driven Technology Peer-to-peer networking (P2P) and cloud storage services have both been hot topics in the news lately. Whether it's about the seizure of servers or security threats, both have been causing businesses problems with regards to recoverability and security of data. Does your company use P2P or cloud storage? If so, there are a number of things you should be aware of.