So it is possible to use a multitude of applications through the SSL-VPN-tunnel like remote desktop. gateProtect attains a similar high security standard at VPN-over-SSL like certificate-based

Default route is the default option for all mobile VPN types on the Firebox. Split tunnel. If you require split tunneling, we recommend that you use Mobile VPN with SSL. For information about Mobile VPN with SSL and split tunneling, see Options for Internet Access Through a Mobile VPN with SSL Tunnel. SSL VPN with certificate authentication – Fortinet Cookbook Sep 25, 2015 SSL VPN Client for Windows - SophosLabs Analysis

Client VPN Access License. VPN Plus offers one concurrent user account with free access to WebVPN, Synology SSL VPN, and SSTP. To add more concurrent accounts, Synology Client VPN Access License can be purchased directly in the VPN Plus package.

For example, if a remote user is has the IP address on the 10.0.*.* network, the route is added to route traffic through the SSL VPN tunnel. Tunnel All mode is configured on the SSL VPN > Client Routes page. Connection Scripts

When I go through the remote phone wizard, it tell me that I have to setup a full-tunnel SSL VPN and it sends me to the SSL-VPN setup page. I click on advanced and select full-tunnel and it tells me that I have to install the SSL-VPN and even gives me the link to download it. I click on the link,

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