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An Issuing Court is the Federal Court of Australia, the Federal Magistrates’ Court of Australia, or the Family Court of Australia. The Issuing Court must, on the balance of probabilities, be satisfied that the Control Order would substantially assist in preventing a terrorist attack, or that the subject of the Control Order provided training Inside Australia's Anti-Terrorism Laws and Trials Over ten years after Australia’s first national laws were enacted to combat the threat of terrorism, yet more anti-terrorism laws were passed in the Australian Parliament in late 2014. The first laws were often introduced in great haste and were stunning in scope and number. The latest laws are similarly extensive and controversial. Yet again, powers and sanctions once thought to lie outside Australia: Terrorism Laws - Library of Congress Australia Terrorism Laws: Control Orders – Sept. 2008 The Law Library of Congress - 5 VI. Rights of Those Subject to a Control Order The subject of a Control Order may apply to have the order revoked or varied.39 A lawyer representing the subject of a Control Order may request a copy of the order.40 Photographs or fingerprints taken as part of an obligation of a Control Order may only be

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of Australia’s counter-terrorism strategy. Within the inter-governmental framework, the bodies outlined in Figures 1 to 4 have responsibilities for strategic-level coordination of counter-terrorism policy and related security response. 3 Table 1 – Commonwealth, State and Territory Responsibilities .

Counter-terrorism laws 'not about targeting Muslims', says Jul 24, 2015