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The ZyWALL VPN300 also supports IPSec load balancing and failover, providing additional resilience for mission-critical VPN failover with VTI Interface deployments. One-year Free Security Services The ZyWALL VPN300 with Content Filtering prevents users from accessing malicious or malware sites or inappropriate content such as violent or porn Step 1: IPSec VPN Tunnel Establishing. Launch the ZyWALL IPSec VPN client. Right click the icon of VPN client from the system tray and select Connection Panel. Click the Open button in advance to establish the VPN tunnel. Step 2: User Authentication via OTP. Click on the Open button and the Authentication window pops up. No traffic flow through client-to-site IPSec VPN tunnel (RoadWarrior) If you have successfully established a VPN connection to the ZyWALL but cannot get traffic across, please try the following: Login to the ZyWALL’s WebGUI and disable the “Use Policy Route to control dynamic IPSec rules” in the VPN menu. Configuration ZyXEL ZyWALL IPSec VPN Client VPN klient software ZyWALL IPSec Client - 1 licence, GreenBow, Windows 2000, XP 32bit, Vista 32/64bit, Server 2003, 2008 32/64bit, Windows 7 32/64bit, Windows 10 32/64b

ZyWALL IPSec VPN Client is a software program developed by ZyXEL. During setup, the program creates a startup registration point in Windows in order to automatically start when any user boots the PC.

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It might sometimes happen, that your ZyWall IPSec VPN Client license is not allowing to be activated anymore. This can happen if you try to reapply the license to a new device without deleting the reference to an older licensed machine e.g. However, if the license is blocked, please contact the support staff and provide the following:

The Zyxel IPSec VPN Client is designed an easy 3-step configuration wizard to help remote employees to create VPN connections quicker than ever. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to install, configure and use. With Zyxel IPSec VPN Client, setting up a VPN connection is no longer a daunting task. The Zyxel IPSec VPN client also ensures easy scale-up by storing a unique duplicable file of configuration and parameters.