Nov 11, 2017

Sep 20, 2015 Easy Ways to Delete Your YouTube Music Search History on Feb 25, 2019 How To Delete YouTube Watch and Search History | Ubergizmo From the same menu, click on ‘Clear All Search History’ The ‘Pause history’ option is available here too, as well as erasing a specific search term. The images included below illustrate all the options you have. Delete YouTube watch and search history on Android and iOS: Step-by-step. The process on mobile is similar to the one on desktop. Bing - Search History

To remove the entire searches activity click on the button on right “clear all search history”. How to pause your activity. There is also an additional option. YouTube has come up with the special feature of pausing your activity tracking. By clicking the button “pause search history” one can actually stop YouTube …

Clear YouTube History On iPhone and iPad. In case you want to, you can easily clear YouTube Watch History and YouTube Search History on your iPhone or iPad by following the steps below. 1. Tap on the YouTube app to launch YouTube on your iPhone or iPad. 2. While on YouTube, tap on the 3-dot menu icon located at the top right hand side of your How to Erase Search History? - Delete Search History

Keep showing your new searches on this page and use them in search suggestions Clear your search history This will clear your Bing search history on this device.

How to Remove Specific Items From your Watch History (Search History) If you don’t want to erase your entire watch history and just want to remove specific items then here’s what you need to do. Launch YouTube on your device and tap the three horizontal lines icon to open menu.