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IPsec is the most commonly used technology for both gateway-to-gateway (LAN-to-LAN) and host to gateway (remote access) enterprise VPN solutions. A direct port-scan on the VPN gateway with this powerful open source scanner provides supplemental information on the presence of the VPN gateway. IPsec VPN clients - SearchNetworking Open source IPsec Only open source clients are really free of charge. The cost here is typically the elbow grease required to "roll your own" – compiling code or adding binary packages to client systems running open source operating systems. For many end users, open source isn't an option -- they just want to run setup on their Win32 PC. Windows Opensource L2TP IPSec VPN Client/Split tunnel This may have been discussed in a previous thread, however I haven't been able to track it down. Does anyone know of a Third Party open source VPN Client that supports L2TP IPSec VPN? I knew Shrew Soft supports IPSEC, but I don'lt believe it supports L2TP. What I'm trying to come up

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Mar 06, 2020

OpenVPN’s open source nature is a plus compared to IKEv2/IPsec’s closed nature (although there are some open source implementations). OpenVPN is also much harder for firewalls to block since it uses the same Port as HTTPS does.

Open source client software is available for OpenVPN and IKEv2 based VPNs (not sure about other VPN flavors). With this option, you can use software that has, hopefully, been audited or vetted. Meet Algo, the VPN that works | Trail of Bits Blog Dec 12, 2016 SoftEther VPN Project - SoftEther VPN Project An Open-Source Free Cross-platform Multi-protocol VPN Program, as an academic project from University of Tsukuba , under the Apache License 2.0. SE201901: CVE-2019-11868: SoftEther VPN Server NDIS 5.x Windows Local Bridge Driver Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (July 9, 2019) What Ports To Open for L2TP VPN |