Netgate SG-3100 pfSense Security Gateway Appliance

I love pfSense and the APU2 combo. I’ve performed a pfSense version upgrade and multiple APU2 BIOS upgrades without issue. To be honest, this is the one device on my network I can basically forget about because it runs so smoothly. I basically just expect it to work 100% of the time. My only con of the APU2 is the old/slow CPU. pfSense vs Cisco ASA: which firewall is better for your pfsense is a monster in performance vs an ASA that you have to shed tons of $$ to get equivalent performance. The Stateful inspection throughput on a custom pfsense box or embeded Netgate box is way faster than any Cisco ASA. And an IPSec VPN runnig at +1Gbps with AES active (325 Mbps without – vs 100Mbps for ASA 5506 with AES active) is a pfSense and OPNsensual tool to size hardware The Intel chipset, on the other hand, offers greater performance in the event of heavy traffic: in fact, it offers several advanced features such as queue management and, from the pfSense® 2.2 version, also improved multi-core support.

There are machines under both pfsense. Both pfsense gets wan ip from my home router in the range of 192.168.1.x I have configured internal LAN for one pfsense as network and other pfsense as network. I have also configures ipsec vpn on both pfsense so that both internal LAN at both pfsense communicate. I

iPfire vs PFsense – Firewall Review | Dec 04, 2014 Netgate SG-1100 Launched Higher-Speed Arm pfSense Firewall

Aug 20, 2018

Poor performance with PF/APU2C4 build : PFSENSE I am really hoping to switch to PF from Mikrotik and purchased a APU2C4 box, installed PF 2.4.1 and have been getting very poor performance. I only have a 25/2 connection, but would like to run a OpenVPN-Client to secure outbound connections from some of my hosts. OpenVPN Performance on The Vault - Protectli Aug 20, 2018