The search engine rankings are generated by certain algorithms powered by individual search engines; SEO would create a friendly page for crawler to understand and hence try to gain higher ranking when rated by the search engine algorithm. The Unprotected. Powered by WordPress.

Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet Apr 08, 2013 List of privacy search engines for anonymous Internet Every time you use a search engine to look something up on the Internet personally identifiable information will be collected by all major search engines. The search terms submitted to the search engine, as well as the time, date, and geographical location of the computer carrying out the search will be logged and stored.

If you look for some files and you know they are located inside an anonymous FTP server, these FTP search engines will help you find it. Despite criticism and some premature obituaries, FTP is far from dead. It's true that the golden days of FTP are long gone but it's still used by millions of sites. FTP is a 40+ years old Internet protocol but it has been redefined multiple

Jun 12, 2020 Unprotected MongoDB leaks 188m users' data from sensitive Another day, another data breach; this time, a security researcher has discovered a massive trove of data hosted on an unprotected MongoDB database available for anyone to access without any authentication.. Discovered by Comparitech’s researcher Bob … Zoom videos exposed online, highlighting privacy risks

Bing. As of January 2020, Microsoft sites handled a quarter of all search queries in …

When you protect your Tweets. You’ll receive a request when new people want to follow you, which you can approve or deny.; Your Tweets, including permanent links to your Tweets, will only be visible to your followers.; Your followers will not be able to use the Retweet icon to Retweet or Retweet with comment.; Protected Tweets will not appear in third-party search engines (like Google search).